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An opulent tribute to perfumery

Crafted using the rarest and highest quality ingredients, Clive Christian's No1 Passant Guardant is officially recognised as the world's most expensive perfume - a statement of unbridled opulence and luxury

Clive Christian, the creators of the world’s most expensive perfume, have been making and developing the world’s finest perfumes and fragrances since 1872. The finest of all perhaps is No1, the perfume Clive Christian refers to as “the perfume of my heart”. Using only the most precious, rare and highest quality ingredients for this fragrance, No1 is the very essence of perfume creativity. Taking this celebrated perfume Clive Christian developed a magnificently decorated crystal flacon for No 1, a piece of extraordinary beauty and rarity, No1 Passant Guardant, which became officially recognised as “The World’s Most Expensive Perfume”. The intricate detail and elaborate design is an ode to the complexity of this perfume, a celebration of extraordinary craftmanship and the grandeur of precious materials.

Clive Christian OBE

Clive Christian has named this rare work of exquisite craftmanship No1 Passant Guardant. Taking the perfume house’s signature crystal bottle and adorning it in fine, handcrafted, 24 carat gold lattice-work, creating a glittering ode to pure perfume. The upper part of the heraldic crest is from Clive Christian’s own coat of arms, awarded by Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal College of Arms in 1999 and dating to when he took custodianship of the Crown Perfumery. Embedded in the lattice-work are more than 2000 individually set flawless white diamonds. Set in the eyes of the lion standing “passant guardant” over the Crown are two yellow diamonds, whilst a rare pink diamond marks out the lion’s tongue. This work of art is a sensually opulent homage to the fragrance within, No1 Sandalwood.

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