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The world’s finest perfume

Rose Perfumes

For centuries, the rose has been a symbol of love and beauty, and Clive Christian’s perfumers have artfully crafted fragrances to embody the diverse facets of this iconic bloom.

Paying homage to the queen of flowers, these scents capture the essence of romance, passion, and sophistication in every exquisite drop.

Indulge your senses in a symphony of floral notes that range from the delicate and ethereal to the bold and enchanting.

Rose perfumes showcase the versatility of this timeless ingredient, blending it seamlessly with rare and precious accords to create fragrances that are both modern and timeless.

Whether you seek the sweet embrace of a fresh rose garden or the mysterious allure of a dark, velvety rose, our collection offers a spectrum of experiences.

Each perfume is a masterpiece, housed in our signature bottles that reflect the luxury and sophistication synonymous with Clive Christian.

Discover the magic of roses reimagined – explore our Rose Perfume Collection and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Clive Christian perfumes.