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  • Woody

A singular blend of extracts sourced from the furthest corners of the world, fine-tuned for today's modern explorer.


Be Transported

Wanderlust is guaranteed in this heady tribute to adventure, derived from the precious offerings of the Silk Road, including Cardamom, Cinnamon and Vetiver.


Uncover the scent

Over time the fragrance evolves to reveal a trilogy of complementary notes.

Top note


One of the world's rarest and most expensive spices, cool, fresh Cardamom joins fiery Pink Pepper, Ginger and Bergamot in an explosive blend of top notes that immediately enliven the senses.

Heart note


Rich oil derived from the heart of the Iris flower - a symbol of strength - produces a smooth and silky centre, around which agile notes of Violet and Cinnamon pique the senses, summoning the rich textures of the bazaar.

Base note


Coarser textures of Vetiver and Tree moss are sweetened by the delicate touch of Vanilla, balancing the hotter tones of Cinnamon above to create an earthy base reminiscent of the dewy ground at daybreak.


Floral Regalia

Iris is a centuries-old symbol of nobility, made famous by Catherine de Medici of Italy. In perfumery, Iris flowers are left to grow for three years before harvesting, and dried for a further three years before being processed.



Traditional methods, reimagined

Top and base notes are reversed in a spectacular display of the perfumer's dexterity and imagination.

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