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Original Collection

Feminine Edition

  • Floral
  • Oriental

20% Perfume Concentration. A floral oriental, with fruity top notes of Mirabelle Plum, white Peach and Bergamot which slowly and sensually unravel to reveal Jasmine, Carnation and a heart blooming with Rose, a flower symbolic of Aphrodite’s gardens of love and beauty. A rich and complex perfume that is subtle yet sophisticated.

Did you know

Jewel in the Crown

Clive Christian travels far and wide capturing unique extracts from which to compose his perfumes. No.1 is the pinnacle of that effort, showcasing the perfumer's signature finesse in its fine balance of 248 ingredients.

No.1 Feminine

Discover the scent

Over time the fragrance evolves to reveal a trilogy of complementary notes.

Top Note


Plum, White Peach, Lemon and Mandarin form a succulent mix accentuated by hints of Iris and Pimento Oil, draping deeper and more sensuous notes in a fine veil of femininity.

Heart note


Renowned aphrodisiac Ylang-Ylang is also the definitive scent of East Asia. Here it is plucked before dawn to retain its potency and imbued with the iridescent hues of Vintage Iris, Rose and Carnation.

Base note

Madagascan Vanilla

Sweet, comforting Madagascan Vanilla forms the base of this fragrance, plunging floral notes in a rich cream infused with Musk, Amber and the mellow Tonka Bean.

Base Note:

Madagascan Vanilla

Due to the intensive cultivating process Madagascan Vanilla is one of the most expensive ingredients one can use in perfumery.

No. 1


A purity like no other

The exacting standards of the perfumer combine with precious ingredients to dazzling effect.

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