Autumn Perfumes: The Scent of Autumn

Short days turn into long nights, there is a creeping chill in the air and there is a gradual turning of the leaves. These signs that herald the start of autumn open up a whole new opportunity in the perfume and fragrance selection. The autumn scent of change comes from more than just the different seasonal influences in the air, it is also the perfect time to introduce deeper and warmer autumn perfumes into your palette complimenting the colours of the season and winter fashions.


Clive Christian Autumn Perfume

Autumn perfumes containing indulgent spices such as cinnamon, vanilla and clove complimented with golden rich amber or comforting cashmere like musks are the perfect companion for autumn days.

Look for deeper wood tones with dry warmth to channel the feeling of roaring fires and woodland walks, wrapped up from the cold. Heavier and more complex autumn perfumes with a greater quantity of base notes are perfect for this time of year, allowing a long and steady release on the skin. The base notes are the last of the perfume to be released on the dry downs after the more vibrant and flighty top notes have evaporated from the skin.

The autumn scents from Clive Christian Perfumes all come with an unparalleled complexity of over 140 ingredients and a concentration of at least 20% fragrance oil concentration which means your perfume will last up to and over eight hours on the skin with different notes activated throughout the day. This unique cocktail will leave autumnal ingredients glowing on your skin for the perfect seasonal.

The perfect woody base ingredients come from a variety of sources from cedar resembling pencil shavings, oudh which comes from agarwood, guiaiac wood which imparts an aromatic autumn scent. With this, we have created some of the finest woody perfumes. Not just from trees but grass and plant based ingredients such as patchouli for an incense spiced twist or vetiver for an earthy mustiness all contribute to a woody character perfect for autumn.

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