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Magnificent perfumes from around the world

When applying fragrance you probably don’t think about the fact that you are about to embark on a truly sensorial journey across the world; but captured inside your bottle of perfume there might citrus fruits that transcend the Italian sun, blooming flowers like Egyptian Jasmine, exotic traces from Ylang-Ylang or vibrant notes like Pink Pepper from Peru.

The natural raw materials in Clive Christian perfumes are sourced from all over the world with different climates and soils bringing different nuances to each ingredient. They give volume, complexity and longevity and in high concentration give the truest impression of how that ingredient exists in nature.

With the Around The World Discovery Set you can experience the entire spectrum of the most magnificent ingredients from all over the globe. Composed inside a 7.5ml bottle are four different blends that capture a journey across Australia, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.


Noble XXI Cypress

Bold, bright and zesty, this perfume brilliantly blends 203 ingredients from all over the world and boasts a high perfume concentration of 25%. In the Heart Notes of the perfume you can of course find Cypress. Cypress is an ancient family of tree that has been growing for the last 200 million years. This tree, that can reach 25 metres high, grows in temperate regions and is found on all continents except Antarctica. Cypress is an aromatic wood with a fresh almost pine-like accord, it is also known for its respiratory and antiseptic properties. With this perfume you are not only travelling across the world, you are also travelling back to the Art Deco period with this olfactory cocktail that conjures the spirit and presence of the jazz age.



Jump Up and Kiss Me Hedonistic has fast become one of Clive Christian’s most loved perfumes, a woody oriental fragrance with Gourmand, fruity and narcotic notes. One of the most unique 203 ingredients is Mate Tea which is rich in culture and known as the drink of friendship, a gift from the gods. Mate Tea originates from Paraguay and is extremely popular throughout South America where it is recognised for its ability to revitalize and provide focus. If you are looking to find your hedonistic self, a free spirit that travels across countries and enjoys the delights of a tropical carnival, this perfume will transport you to your very own festival.


1872 Citrus Woody

This perfume is without a doubt an icon in the world of perfumery. It combines 219 of the finest ingredients into an earthy, woody and fresh perfume with an intangible richness. The perfume opens citrussy with Petitgrain which offers an intensely sparkling top note. Petitgrain is extracted from the leaves, twigs and buds of the bitter orange tree. It is known to be an anti-depressant and helps calm the nerves. Paraguay, Italy and Morocco are some of the key producers of Petitgrain. In the base notes of 1872 we find Cedarwood, a distinctive woody, spicy scent that envelops the wearer. Native Americans burnt Cedarwood in purification rituals and in ancient Egypt it has been used in cosmetics for centuries. The Cedarwood oil used in the 1872 perfume is obtained from the evergreen Cedarwood tree which is native to North America. Cedarwood oil is in fact one of the oldest ingredients in perfumery.


C Woody Leather

C Woody Leather is a deep, woody oriental perfume that fuses Saffron and Tobacco with the sweet freshness of Mandarin. The 208 ingredients in this perfume take you on an olfactory journey from Egypt, to Greece and beyond to Southeast Asia. In the very heart of this perfume we find Saffron also known as “The King of Spices” and “Red Gold”, this rich spice is mainly produced in Iran and is native to Southeast Asia. Saffron is harvested in autumn from the beautifully blooms of the crocus flower and is notorious for being more expensive than gold. You could almost say that by applying C Woody Leather, you are spraying pure gold on your skin.

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