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Art Deco Decadence

Introducing new Noble XXI Art Deco perfumes, Blonde Amber and Amberwood.

Celebrating the opulence and boundless energy of the Art Deco era, the Noble Collection captures the dazzling atmosphere in a perfumed cloud to take the wearer on a journey of epic proportions.

Inspired by the precious perfumer’s ingredient of amber these two perfumes radiate the beauty of mottled glass and bright ambers. From the beading of a flapper dress, sharp angular mirrors, to the tints on the décor, amber was both a celebrated colour and material throughout the roaring 20’s.  Embodying the blazing spirit of the Art Deco era, with dazzling decadence captured in every note, Blonde Amber and Amberwood radiate an effortless allure as a celebration of art and architecture.

Coming soon this June

Noble XXI Art Deco Blonde Amber


A warm amber, spiced with smoky blonde tobacco tells the story of Art Deco decadence. A riot of flourishing florals and dried fruits join the melee of fine ingredients creating an indulgent blend. Bold and flourishing this perfume is sweet, sensual and smoky with an aromatic twist that continues to dazzle long into the night. Inspired by the infamous paintings of Tamara de Lempicka, this perfume embodies angular and bold colours with a charming fluidity that runs throughout.


This 25% perfume contains 219 of the finest perfume ingredients.

Notes of Blonde Amber


Inspired by the art deco era, a bold flourishing amber is warmed with aromatic and smoky blonde tobacco. A spicy and floral style of perfume that has a spirited edge.


Bitter Orange


Taken exclusively from the fruit of the most versatile botanical in the perfumer’s palette. The bitter orange is a favourite note found in chypres and colognes and lifts florals with an energising sweep.


Blonde Tobacco


Sweet, sensual and smoky with an aromatic twist – the perfect accompaniment to the rich florals and deep amber which adorn this perfume. An incredibly versatile ingredient that offers unending twists and turns to a perfume.


Tonka Bean


Sweet indulgent spice with a smooth praline like richness and a hint of vanilla – the perfect accompaniment to gourmande and amber notes, tonka gives Blonde Amber it’s rich and indulgent base.

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Noble XXI Art Deco Amberwood


A smooth and almost translucent amber is enhanced with rich and opulent woods, freshened with aromatic sage and bergamot. A hint of tonka, oudh and tobacco in the base adds warmth to this beguiling perfume. A versatile perfume that captures the decadence of the Art Deco era with sparkling top notes to add a joyous spark whilst woody notes unravel as the day unfolds.


This 25% perfume contains 145 of the finest perfume ingredients.

Notes of Amberwood


Inspired by the Art Deco era a smooth amber meets rich woody notes with sparkling bergamot.


Angelica Seed


This plants signature bright yellow-green colour translates into fragrance as a complex aromatic with musky green woods that have just a hint of sweet spice.




Warm, earthy and reassuring timber mixes with a grey amber to give a softness and comfort to the scent. Woody perfumes have greater depth and longevity with their strength sitting in the heart and base of a perfume.




Known as the sacred herb to the Romans, sage gives fresh green tones with a hint of pepper an almost sweet balsamic note. Aromatic and unique this ingredient runs from the top to the base of this perfume to give a freshness.

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