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Luxury British Perfumes



The New Perfume Pair - Magnolia and Immortelle

Original Collection

Rare, exquisite ingredients are woven into The Original Collection, an emblem of British quality delivering depth and complexity. Bottles are inspired by those of the Crown Perfumery - a favourite of Queen Victoria.

Rich bouquets combine with fresh citrus notes in this romantic tribute to the serenity of British Summer time

At the heart of both the No 1 perfumes lies Vintage Iris and Ylang-ylang,  and the finest Madagascan Vanilla, which add a lovely creamy note to both perfumes.

Both “X” for Women and “X” for Men carry ingredients that hark back to the sensual world of ancient Egypt

Private collection

Peeling back the curtain on the perfumer’s archive, The Private Collection is a glittering array of precious notes, launched to mark 10 years of Clive Christian’s indelible contribution to the world of fragrance.

Clive Christian “C”, named after Clive Christian himself, is one of his personal favourites, belonging as it does to his Private Collection.

'L' is for Love the invisible and yet most important ingredient in every relationship

“V” is for Victoria, the eldest of Clive Christian’s daughters, and is a perfume that is both intensely romantic and yet spirited, a father’s tribute to his daughter’s lively and poetic nature

Traveller sets


  • X Limited Edition

    X Limited Edition

    Introducing the exotic and mysterious X perfume pair

  • L Feminine Limited Edition

    L Feminine Limited Edition

    Discover L Feminine’s fruity and floral scent, distilled in a limited edition pink bottle

  • Original Collection

    Original Collection

    The perfect gift for a loved one

  • Original collection

    Original collection

    Jewel-like miniatures of the regal 1872, exotic X and glittering No.1

  • Private collection

    Private collection

    Compact editions of the stately C, restorative L and invigorating V

Time honoured methods of craftmanship

"A last vestige of the artisanal practices evolved over centuries of the perfume trade."

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