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Introducing new Blonde Amber & Amberwood to the Noble Collection


Joining the Noble Collection this spring, Clive Christian are proud to introduce two new perfumes to take the wearer on a journey of epic proportions, exploring the decadence of the Art Deco era.


Bold and energetic in style, the Art Deco era is symbolic of a sparkling decadence which has been captured in this brilliant perfume pair.


Inspired by the precious perfumer’s ingredient- amber, these perfumes celebrate one of Art Deco’s most precious materials and colours.

Inspired by the Art Deco and Roaring 20s


From the beading of a flapper dress to the tints of the décor, amber was both a celebrated colour and material throughout the roaring 20’s.


The Art Deco era captures a design style from the 1920’s that was reflected in furniture, decorative arts and architecture and is renowned for its geometric details and opulent finishes. Emerging just before the First World War in Paris, Art Deco (short for ‘Arts Decoratifs’) represented modernism turned into fashion with the intention being to create a sleek elegance that symbolized wealth and sophistication.


As the roaring 20’s began to take off, celebrations commenced, and spirits brightened which saw dazzling materials and opulence adorn every surface and society flourished into a vibrant display of colour. Confidence and empowerment signalled change as economic depressions faded and a newly awakened thirst for life began: urban cities grew larger than imagined and technology advanced creating a new and exciting world to celebrate.


Materials such as chrome and stainless steel epitomise the trend for greater progress, wrapped in a joyful colour palette. Decorative embellishments show inspiration from ancient cultures, exoticism and folk art with a modern twist, using a combination of precious, luxurious and high-tech materials.


These perfumes bring to life the energy, grandeur and artistry of the era through this precious jewel like ingredient.


Celebrating the opulence and ideology prominent in this era, the Noble Collection captures the ingredients and style of the time to perfectly shape each perfume’s scent.


With a signature perfume oil inclusion of 25% and outstanding complexity of over 140 of the finest ingredients these perfumes promise magic and allure in equal measure.


We are going to do another piece dedicated to the Art Deco era and fragrances within this time, ingredients etc so dont want to add too much more. Will add a couple lines though.