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All you need is CLIVE

Welcome to the reimagined world of Clive.


Capturing the intimate and private moments that we share with one another, The Private Collection draws upon the inspirations and encounters that have coloured Clive Christian’s world, channelling the personal relationships that we have with perfume.  Each perfume within this collection represents a characteristic of the Clive Christian brand, a character that is at the heart of everything we do that we strive to continuously embody. The characteristics that form The Private Collection are:


Creativity, Luxury, Ingenuity, Vivacity, Excellence


A private moment, written in time, captured in perfume. Our personal moments are the ones that we cherish deeply – be that a memory, favourite time, location, person, or a feeling. These private moments are deeply important to us individually and through the power of scent, The Private Collection brings these memories to life to ensure they remain a part of our everyday. Perfumes act as a lasting memory, allowing us to relive the most special moments as we are transported back to a time of private intimacy and magic. Celebrate your treasured moments and those dearest to you and create your perfumed memory with The Private Collection. Which letter will you be choosing?


C Woody Leather celebrates creativity, a character that sits at the heart of every Clive Christian Perfume and captures the boundless opportunities that our perfumes present. A classic and much loved aroma, this deep woody oriental perfume imparts a signature and seductive smokiness onto the skin through a fusion of saffron and tobacco. Mandarin lends to an immediate freshness for a pleasing balance whilst intense ambers and oud linger on the skin for a sensual finish. A true vision for the wearer.


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Luxury – L Floral Chypre

The sense of pure intimate luxury, L Floral Chypre captures the essence of Clive Christian where every perfume is a work of perfection, crafted especially for the wearer as a form of self-expression. This esteemed floral chypre captures the natural elegance of jasmine and rose, a twist of dry orris and frankincense wrapped in sensual honey, vanilla and musk’s with a hint of bold leather. A classic and sophisticated aroma that dazzles with pink pepper, embodying the highest level of luxury.

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Ingenuity – I Woody Floral

A beautiful energy, the power of an idea and a vision of originality. The ambitious curiosity to craft the finest perfumes of unique creativity, concentration and complexity for a truly unique perfume that explores the curiosity of nature. I Woody Floral is delightfully fresh and lively that is filled with sweetness and energy for a refreshing brilliance that sparks ingenuity. Bright citrus top notes of mandarin are combined with touches of red fruits and sparkling spices – bringing to life a woody floral perfume with a jasmine and muguet hear and a warming base of patchouli, finished with a subtle hint of oud.



Vivacity – V Amber Fougere


Lively and refreshing, an uncontrollable attraction and boundless energy. The passion of this perfume creates a vivid dance on the skin. Mingling woody, resinous notes with the uplifting and exciting scent of fir balsam beautifully captured in a perfume of stunning quality. This amber fougere tingles with a trio of peppers whilst smoky vetiver adds depth to a juxtaposing warm amber base. This unique blend of crisp, green notes and incense is a highly sensual aroma that embodies a lively vivacity that transform on the skin.



Excellence – E Gourmande Oriental

A moment of richness and indulgence, something truly extraordinary and undiscovered. The most exceptional and extraordinary ingredients and techniques can only be used to make the finest of perfumes. The remarkable excellence of E Gourmande Oriental is captured in its warmth and richness. With a golden whiskey character, top notes of fruity rum and peach and sweetened by cloves, cinnamon and labdanum at the heart, this elegant aroma is an enticing blend of earth oakmosses and maple for a decadent finish.