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The Best Summer Perfumes & Scents 2021

As the days lengthen and the nights shorten, your favourite flowers blossom and the scents of the new season begin to fill the air. The summer-infused breeze carries with it a warmer feel, and the fashions of the colder months are retired for another year. It is 2021 and summer has arrived - meaning it is time to introduce those refreshing and vibrant summer perfumes to your fragrance collection.

Choosing the right perfume and scent all year around can be challenging and you may not know where to begin. While the staple of light floral tones are a fantastic choice for your summer collection, some floral scents can be overwhelming when placed against the backdrop of summer. During the warmer months, perfumes with very sweet aromas and heavy floral blends should sometimes be saved for cooler days. Often, the best summer perfumes are the lighter and more refreshing options, as opposed to winter perfumes which are notably richer and warmer.


That is why here at Clive Christian, our expert perfumers have developed and created perfectly balanced blends of sweet, fresh, and citrus tones to create summer perfumes that are refreshing, energizing and invigorating during the warmer months. These summer scents and fragrances range in editions perfect for him and for her.

The Best Summer Perfumes For Her

Explore our top women’s summer perfumes, from light citrus tones that enliven the senses, to intense fruity bouquets with complex aromas that will last long into the summer evening.



The No1 Feminine Edition from Clive Christian is a floral oriental, with fruity top notes of mirabelle plum, white peach and bergamot which slowly and sensually unravel to reveal jasmine, carnation and a heart blooming with rose. This rich and complex summer perfume is subtle yet sophisticated.


Top Notes: Pimento – A soft yet spicy top is introduced by the intensely fragrant Pimento berry, sitting in opulent and sublime harmony with plum, white peach, lemon and mandarin and iris for deeper and more sensuous notes in a fine veil of femininity.


Heart Notes: Ylang – Ylang – Beautiful and radiant ylang-ylang forms a sophisticated heart, together with iridescent hues of rose, osmanthus, orchid and vintage iris.


Base Notes: Madagascan Vanilla – Sweet, comforting Madagascan vanilla forms the base of this summer scent, plunging floral notes in a rich cream infused with musk, amber and the mellow tonka bean.


Clive Christian’s luxury fragrances for him include summer-ready aromatic blends, combining woody scents and refreshing floral aromas that hint at the English summer countryside.



The 1872 Masculine Edition is a classic, fresh citrusy cologne like perfume, with the outstanding longevity known to all Clive Christian perfumes. This scent contains an earthy, woody and green resin fusion to produce an invigorating and spicy citrus woody perfume for him, making it the perfect choice of summer perfume, for him or for you.


Top Notes:  Petitgrain – Opening notes of Petitgrain, the woody, fresh and green leaves from the bitter orange tree, adds an intensely sparkling top note to the scent. These bright and uplifting notes fuse softly with Grapefruit, Lime, Black Pepper and Coriander for an herbaceous impression, perfect for both day and night.


Heart Notes: Clary sage – the invigorating clary sage note in the heart is infused with jasmine, neroli and musk to give vitality and strength to this summer scent.


Base Notes: Freesia – Arboreal notes of cedarwood, sandalwood and frankincense temper richer surface notes, planting this summer fragrance in the fertile quintessential English countryside and transporting the wearer into the heart of a mysterious forest.

X Masculine


Alluring, spicy and enticing, X Masculine is a bold statement scent perfect to embrace in the warmer summer months. Composed in a powerful and distinctive fragrance made of 178 unique ingredients, this scent is ready to conquer your next summer adventure with the utmost style and excellence.


Top Notes: Cardamom – Adding a distinctive aromatic character to a scent, Cardamom is one of the world’s most ancient spices and one of the most expensive ingredients to be used in perfumery. Combined with fiery Ginger and sparkling Bergamot, the opening of X Masculine invites excitement.


Heart Notes: Orris – rich Orris butter is derived from the root of the velvety Iris flower and opens up to create the creamy and warm heart in this atmospheric fragrance. A symbol of strength, this ingredient gives X Masculine a roaring burst of richness and depth.


Base Notes: Oakmoss – earthy Oakmoss is complemented by woody notes of Vetiver and sensual Amber, making this exquisite scent exotic and rich with a unique character.



For a scent that’s sure to capture the refreshing notes of a summer day by the Mediterranean Sea, Crab Apple Blossom is the perfect choice when looking for the best summer perfume. A beautiful balance of refreshing top notes with a modern heart, and a sensual yet creamy base in a 25% parfum concentration ensures a lasting scent that trails on the skin like blossoming branches in the summer sunshine.


Top Notes: Marine Bergamot – refreshing and sparkling, this exotic citrus is accompanied by energetic Apple Blossom for a first impression bursting with summery notes.


Heart Notes: Green Rhubarb and Mojito Fusion – A fruity floral character is revealed in the heart offset against modern notes of sharp green rhubarb and a fresh mint and sugar accord, reminiscent of a refreshing summer cocktail.


Base Notes: Sandalwood – A sophisticated but powerful base is enhanced by creamy sandalwood of the finest sort. Enriched by aromatic driftwood which brings out notes of oceanic woods, the base of this perfume forms a fresh, energising yet soft scent.



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