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Types Of Perfume & Perfume Strengths

Perfume and the practice of perfuming is thousands of years old. The first actual “factory” dedicated to the production of perfumed oils dates back 4000 years on the island of Cyprus. In the 19th century synthetic aroma chemicals, called aldehydes, were first discovered and the fragrance industry became what we know it to be today – a great spectrum of different types of perfume and diverse scents and not just for royalty and nobility as it had been in the past. Over 1000 new fragrances, with a variety of perfume strengths are launched every year.

There are different categories in perfumery for different perfume types. When shopping for perfume you have probably come across terms like Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne. These terms actually refer to concentration which describes the amount of pure perfume oil within a fragrance. Generally, the higher the perfume concentration, the higher the longevity on the skin and also the higher the price point.



The most important type of perfume, Parfum, also known as Pure Perfume or Extrait de Parfum, boasts the highest fragrance concentration. A fragrance that is classified as Parfum has a concentration between 20% to 40%. From all types of fragrances Parfum commands the highest price and perfume strength (excluding absolute perfume oils of course) due to its high concentration of fragrance oil, meaning it lasts the longest on the skin whilst giving the wearer a full spectrum of Top, Heart and Base Notes that are released over time. One can expect a Parfum to last at least 8 hours and far beyond.


Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parufm (EDP) is one of the most common types of perfume and fragrance categories and usually has a perfume concentration of around 15% and a longevity of about six hours. It is therefore generally less expensive compared to Parfum strength fragrances, as the perfume strength is slightly lower. Whilst Parfum gives you the full blend of Top, Heart and Base Notes, Eau de Parfum focuses on the Heart Notes as the Top Notes flash off from the skin quicker.



You will find that a lot of Eau de Parfum fragrances are also available as Eau de Toilette (EDT), which is the less expensive version of the same scent. As you can imagine, this type of perfume also has less perfume concentration and the longevity won’t be as long either. An Eau de Toilette fragrance usually has between 5% to 10% perfume concentration and lasts around five hours. The Top Notes which are the first scent released by a perfume are more dominant, making it refreshing when it is first applied, this is why EDT fragrances are particularly popular during the summer.



One of the most popular types of perfume with the lowest concentration is Eau de Cologne (EDC) which generally has a 3% to 5% concentration which means it has a very high content of alcohol compared to fragrance and would generally only last around two hours. Eau de Cologne is less expensive than all of the above fragrance types and is commonly available in bigger bottles such as traditional splash style bottles.


Eau fraiche, Aftershave & Mist

Eau fraiche has a very low perfume oil concentration compared to other types of perfume, which is between 1% to 3% but lasts for up to two hours similar to Eau de Cologne. The main difference to Eau de Cologne is the low amount of alcohol, as Eau Fraiche usually consists of a low fragrance concentration and a high water concentration.

An Aftershave has a light fragrance concentration of up to 3% and a high alcohol content. It is usually available in splash bottles and is used after shaving to help close the pores, and gives only one to two hours of wear.

Mists are light and refreshing fragrances that are mostly water based with low alcohol content. A Mist fragrance type usually has a concentration of 1.5% to 3%. Due to the low alcohol content it can also be applied on the hair without causing it to dry out. You can expect a Mist fragrance to last a maximum of 2 hours.

All Clive Christian perfumes are classified as Parfum as they all boast a perfume concentration of over 20%. A Clive Christian perfume is created to last for a minimum of 8 hours and beyond due to its high fragrance oil concentration, its sophisticated blend of Top, Heart and Base Notes and its high-quality ingredients. Some Eau de Toilette’s and Eau de Parfum’s use less natural ingredients in favour of more synthetic molecules which can make the fragrance appear thinner and therefore less voluptuous in character. Clive Christian’s concentrated ingredients mean that the perfume is constantly evolving over the course of the day with new notes coming to life on the skin, making each spray of Clive Christian perfumes a truly sensorial experience.