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Fragrance in Bloom

The world of perfumery is crafted around central fragrance families or fragrance ‘groups’ that make up the most noticeable characteristics of a scent. In the Clive Christian portfolio, you will find a broad selection of perfumes within each category from Woody to Citrus to Amber to Fruity.

Floral perfumes consist of a single floral note or “floral bouquets” and are usually found in the heart notes of a scent. The notes typically found in floral fragrances come from different flower categories, such as spring flowers, white flowers, roses, powdery flowers, and rare flowers.


Flowers found within these categories may consist of beautiful florals like jasmine, ylang-ylang, magnolia, orange blossom, and rose or peony. The versatility of these flowers, and many more types, allows each fragrance to be carefully created for any occasion and any season.


In the Clive Christian perfume range, we pair the rich and figurative scent of floral with other fragrance families to craft unique olfactive experiences in each bottle. In this article, we will take you through some of the most loved scent types within the floral fragrance category.


The floral family is one of the most popular and broadest fragrance families to exist in the world of perfumery. Often described as “feminine” and “abstract”; floral fragrances are varied and can be combined with a variety of other ingredients, sometimes appearing more dominantly and at other times more discretely.

Woody Floral


A perfect scent for spring and summer, the I Woody Floral perfume from the Private Collection balances the dichotomy between dark and light with fresh sparks of citrus, delicate florals and warming woods. A blooming heart of precious Jasmine, Rose and Muguet is paired with sweet red fruits for playful yet elegant tones, whilst deeper notes of Patchouli, Amber and Cedarwood evolve into a rich yet powerful base. I Woody Floral is a dreamy burst of precious ingredients reminiscent of a romantic evening in the sun.

White Floral


White floral perfumes are for many an absolute must-have in a fragrance wardrobe. A light and entrancing fragrance family combination, this scent type is a beautiful duet between sultry and fresh. White floral scents are the epitome of femininity due to sweet, delicate, and intoxicating notes.


Jump Up and Kiss Me Ecstatic from the Addictive Arts collection is one the most loved floral perfumes in the Clive Christian portfolio, and captures the essence of a white floral fragrance in a scent that is sure to stand the test of time.


Capturing a sultry dose of Tuberose in its heart, known as the “Fragrance of the Night”, this perfume is an absolute thrill for the senses. Sparkling top notes of Orange Bigarade and Pink Pepper combine with a bouquet of Tuberose, Jasmine, Rose and Orange Flower forming a heady and intoxicating aroma. Settling into a sweet but warm base of Amber and Sandalwood this extravagant olfactory blend is sure to fulfil every perfume lover’s passion to the utmost.

Floral Oriental

Perfectly complementing the richness of exotic floral and spicy scents, floral oriental fragrances are a standout combination crafted to allure wearers with its warmth and sensuality. Bridging two fragrance families to craft a subtle yet sophisticated scent, a floral oriental perfume is perfect for those looking for something rich and powerful yet sublime and sensual.


The No1 Feminine Edition by Clive Christian is a floral oriental like no other, with an impeccable composition of precious ingredients crafted into an extravagant blend of 20% perfume concentration.


With sweet and fresh fruity top notes of Mirabelle Plum and white Peach which slowly unravels to reveal a heart of delicate Jasmine and blooming with Rose, this unique perfume is truly worthy of its name with its precious florals. Settling into a sensual and subtle base of Madagascan Vanilla, Sandalwood and Vetiver, No1 Feminine Edition bursts with exquisite and luxurious notes sourced from the most precious sources in the world of perfumery.


As you know by now, floral notes can be combined into endless opportunities in the world of perfumery. However, when in doubt of what subcategory to choose but still desire a floral scent, a pure floral fragrance might be the right option for you.


Noble VIII Magnolia by Clive Christian is a fragrance that celebrates the scent of floral to its fullest and is sure to impress the floral fragrance wearer. Powerful, green and undoubtedly fresh, the blooming heart from the Magnolia flower fuses softly with the delicacy from touches of Tuberose, Jasmine and Rose for a burst of elegance and playful charm. With a subtle base of Oak Moss, Musk and Sandalwood, Noble VIII Magnolia brings you on a fluid journey through a blossoming spring day in Paris.