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In 2020, Clive Christian launched the new Crown Collection, an exploration of the brand’s origins in the Crown Perfumery Company, who created some of the finest perfumes the world had to offer.


After the successful first launch of Crab Apple Blossom, Clive Christian is delighted to introduce new Matsukita for spring 2021, a mesmerising and magnificent Woody Floral Chypre that is sure to conquer the world of haute perfumery with its presence.


New fragrances inspired by the archives will be bought back to life, reinventing timeless fragrances that shook the world of perfume as far back as 1872.  Prepare to delve into royal perfume history, reimagined for a new era.


Crown Collection perfumes will be launched individually to pay tribute to the heritage of the brand and the perfumes.

The inspiration behind the perfume

After its original launch in 1892, Matsukita quickly became one of the Crown Perfumery Company’s most famed perfumes. The inspiration behind the new bestseller flourished from the exotic influence of Japan. The fascination for this culture boomed and became a prominent trend in Victorian England. The British Empire’s emergent trade opened up to a world of new societies, and from the 1850s the new trend of influence reigned throughout the scene of entertainment, fashion and culture in the city of London.


Needless to say, the trend was picked up by the renowned Crown Perfumery Company, whose clientele were of the world’s society elite and involved the royal court amongst others. With a passion for the most exclusive and finest the world had to offer, Matsukita was born out of inspiration from a fabled Japanese princess who awed the Victorian court with her elegance.



In 2021, the story of the Japanese princess has been discovered amongst the treasured archives of the Crown Perfumery Company. Nevertheless, her name has been kept a secret since the 1800s, and Clive Christian’s reimagination of the scent is the only trace left to relive this story in the modern day. New Matsukita captures a mystical grace from the finest ingredients in a potent concentration with a powerful royal heritage unique to the world of perfumery.


“An intoxication of delight”, bottled by Clive Christian

Using unique innovations in perfumery with haunting floral notes from the far east with whispers of smoked tea, musks and rich resinous woods, new Matsukita is crafted with an impressive range of 252 ingredients and 25% parfum concentration.