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The Technology & Background behind Clive Christian's new perfumes

Discover how Clive Christian’s exquisite perfumes are crafted using rare and natural ingredients in their purest form. In this article, we will bring you on the journey of our latest perfume developments, 1872 Mandarin and X Neroli, two opulent fragrances that benefit from flowers and fruits of the delicate orange tree that both blossoms and fruits at the same time, each one exploring the versatility and variety of this ingredient and its family.

Creating the World’s Finest Perfumes

We craft our exquisite perfumes by using expertise that has been handed down through the centuries, the legacy of history lives on in every bottle, whilst also championing pioneering new practices allows for a dynamic new approach to luxury perfume.


Clive Christian perfumes are crafted by an exceptional team of internationally trained perfumers all based and produced in Britain.


From applying the exceptionally delicate and time – consuming enfleurage process to produce the purest floral oil, to ground-breaking headspace technology to create new perfume molecules, these carefully and advanced processes are performed with the highest excellence and skill to create the best oils, hand selected by our perfumers.


To source the most rare and exotic ingredients, we work with our perfume house to select sustainable and local growers to ensure the abundance of naturally occurring elements, grown in ideal conditions.

The creation of new 1872 Mandarin & X Neroli

For our new limited edition perfumes, we wanted to bring to life two new refreshing, uplifting and mesmerising scents inspired by two of our most iconic perfumes 1872 & X.


We wanted the fragrances to capture the energy of new beginnings, in celebration of the love story that founded our brand.


This led to a fragrant tribute of the Orange Blossom, a delicate blossoming flower that was symbolic to the love between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, but also a symbol of pure love and fertility all over the world.


The fragrances were developed from the originals by the perfumers exploring key, or complimentary raw materials to then become the main focus of the scents: neroli in X and mandarin in 1872.