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Top 10 Absolute Facts

Every perfume in the Clive Christian Absolute Collection is the most concentrated form of fragrance which means 100% pure perfume. It therefore has incomparable body, depth and longevity. We have put together the Top 10 facts that you should know about the Absolute perfume oils.


World’s Most Expensive Perfume

No.1 has officially been recognised as the World’s Most Expensive Perfume as certified by Guinness World Records. The ‘No.1’ perfume, which already has an elite following by the likes of Elton John, Katie Holmes and the Beckhams, has been awarded the famous accolade in recognition of its exceedingly rare and precious natural ingredients, such as Tahitian vanilla and Indian sandalwood, sourced from every corner of the globe without reference to cost. It is limited in quantity by year, owing to the exquisite rarity of the ingredients and presented in an absolute form.


Catherine & William

To commemorate the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Catherine, Clive Christian commissioned a complimenting pure perfume pair for the couple. In an aromatic accolade to Queen Victoria and Albert (Prince William’s ancestors), who had perfumes created as gifts for one another as a symbol of their mutual adoration, all Clive Christian perfumes are also developed in matching pairs, carefully crafted with shared ingredients to perfectly complement each other.


Clive’s Original Design

When Clive Christian OBE bought the Crown Perfumery in 1999, he redefined the perfume experience. His very first sketch of a perfume bottle has been used as inspiration for the crystal flacons of the Absolute Oil collection. Each bottle has a sterling silver hallmarked collar plated in gold with a crystal stopper and the Sandalwood Absolute Oil additionally features a white diamond inset into the collar made by a Hatton Garden jeweller.


12 weeks to produce the presentation box

It takes 12 weeks to produce the walnut burr-box in which the perfume bottle is presented. It takes 4 weeks alone to make the metal inlay of Clive Christian’s coat of arms and 22 craftsmen to construct the case. The wood finishes only take 10 hours of manual work.


Imperial Majesty

Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty is probably the most iconic and luxurious in the world of perfumes. Encased in the most exquisite bottle are 500ml of absolute perfume oil. The bottle itself is of finest polished crystal made by master glass blowers Baccarat and in the 18 carat gold collar, there nestles a five carat white diamond.


Queen Victoria’s crown

Clive Christian is the only house ever to have been granted permission to use Queen Victoria’s crown on our bottles. The crown on the stopper was granted to the company by Queen Victoria in 1872 (“1872” is also the name of one of our most iconic perfumes). The crown stopper remains as a symbol of quality and British excellence, two values still held in esteem by Clive Christian today.



Clive Christian Perfume maintains a true devotion to extraordinary skills when crafting Absolute Oils. A rare specialist extraction technique known as ‘enfleurage’, where flowers are laid out petal by petal into beeswax allowing the scent to exude into the wax. This method produces a pure form of oil that gently preserves natural fragrances particularly for delicate aromas such as jasmine and tuberose.



A hand-signed certification attesting to the provenance and authenticity of the perfume accompanies every bottle of the Absolute collection.


Sir Elton John

When Sir Elton John commissioned a perfume, his only request was “anything but a piano”. Clive Christian designed a pair of absolute perfume oils inspired by the musician’s famous “White Tie & Tiara” charity ball.


170 roses for 1 drop of oil

It takes 170 Rose de Mai heads to create just a single drop of absolute oil which Clive Christian uses in its Rose Absolute perfume.