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An empire built with creativity at its heart

Beauty, indulgence and timeless elegance. From the sparkle of each chandelier teardrop to the breathless luxury captured in every crown-topped fragrance, Clive Christian is the pursuit of passion and perfection.

The History of Clive Christian

Clive Christian began in the 1970s by transforming the utilitarian into the pleasurable. Kitchens were simply tool rooms, cooking merely functional. Clive Christian’s vision showed this room for what it was, the heart of the home, a social hub of art, warmth and conversation.

Breaking down boundaries and condemning convention, Clive Christian implemented a statement chandelier into the kitchen of his 19th century Cheshire manor. This ornate fixture was the centrepiece of Clive Christian’s very first bespoke design – the Victorian Kitchen. This was a grandiose resurrection of the lavish interiors of the Victorian era, symbolic of Clive Christian’s devotion to tradition and culture, history and luxury.

A match formed in a hedonist’s heaven: an empire driven by splendour and British history

After the founding of Clive Christian Furniture in 1978, customers clamoured for their own bespoke designs. Each different creation represented the very elements that Clive Christian so vivaciously displayed in his Victorian Kitchen: grandeur, dedication to the familial and the romantic, a place to be remembered and where memories were made. Beyond furniture, Clive Christian turned his unwavering focus and desire to create toward luxury fragrances, with a view to revive the industry by bringing the same artistic beauty and attention to detail that had made his interior designs so sought after.

Both following and paving the path of luxury, Clive Christian seized the opportunity to purchase the Crown Perfumery Company in 1999, and established Clive Christian Perfume.

Truly, a match formed in a hedonist’s heaven: an empire driven by splendour and British history acquiring the only perfumery given the right by Queen Victoria herself to use the image of her crown, in turn bestowing Clive Christian with the now world-renowned crown bottle-stoppers.

The iconic crown image only further symbolises Clive Christian’s exclusivity, regal feel and British pride, embellishing each hypnotic perfume scent with a touch of magnificence. The only demand behind each luxury fragrance was sheer perfection. The finest ingredients, the rarest temptations of the senses, exhilarating and enthralling all at once.

1999 - Original Collection
Creativity | Craftsmanship | Provence
2010 - Private Collection
A celebration of life’s most precious moments

A Striking suite of perfumes that celebrate the extraordinary moments of a life’s work brought to vivid, fragrant life

In 2010, the Private Collection  was born, a selection of emotive and evocative fragrances as a tribute to Clive Christian’s love of family. It is a reflection of life’s most precious moments, stories spun with contemporary scents and bottled – snapshots caught in ten vivid perfumes.

2016 - Noble Collection
A moment of history bought to life

A proud and patriotic family of scents shaped by the most celebrated horticultural, architectural and artistic periods of British history. The ‘Noble Collection’ fragrances take inspiration from the spirit of nobility, and the exquisite flora of the gardens that surround Christian’s own Queen Anne residence. As ever, his own fondness for beauty touches every detail of his empire.

A balance between traditional culture and contemporary art is perhaps what makes Clive Christian so special – each creation perfectly melds together the beauty of the past with a vision for the future.

2017 - Addictive Arts
Under the influence

Reflecting the lack of restriction Clive Christian places on sourcing only the finest ingredients, each fragrance also has a counterpart; every pair flawlessly complements one another and forms a complete, universal experience like no other.

The pursuit of beauty is one that is constantly growing, consistently evolving and ceaseless in the desire to create – and this desire is what continues to drive Clive Christian forward.

Perfumery is an art form, in the same genre as music and painting. It requires talent, expertise and most of all passion. Outstanding perfume creations are forever. For over a century the Clive Christian perfume house has enjoyed the patronage of the most illustrious families and personalities from around the world. With its heritage in crown perfumery, the top of every single handmade crystal bottle is adorned with trademark solid crystal crown, which was granted by Queen Victoria as a mark of quality and excellence.”