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Life’s rhythms require us to adapt. Every day we perform different roles and adjust to different settings. Perfume has the capacity to restore, entice, empower and subdue. An invisible accessory, it is no less capable of transforming our mood – or delivering us to a particular moment in time – than a prized item of jewellery. Clive Christian fragrances cater to the full spectrum of experiences that compose each of our lives, drawing on the widest range of ingredients to deliver the perfect scent, come rain or shine.

Some fragrances are particularly adept at catering to specific moods. Full-bodied, sweet notes of Vanilla and Chamomile offer assurance. Mixed with muskier hues, such as in both editions of X, they awaken the senses, communicating passion and desire. In union with floral notes, such as Rose and Orange Blossom found in the feminine edition of V, they encourage playfulness, exuberance and celebration.

Other scents transform at different temperatures. The high notes found in the feminine edition of V, composed of Neroli, Peach and Bergamot, flourish with glittering effect during the milder months of Spring. While citrus notes found in both editions of 1872 give a refreshing feel, delivering wearers comfortably into Summer. At this time, richer scents susceptible to becoming overwhelming should be replaced with lighter, fruitier hues found in feminine and masculine editions of L – themselves inclined to expand to give a full-bodied effect.

Autumn calls for fragrances infused with wood, spice and herbs. Masculine and feminine editions of X shroud wearers in a warm veil of Cashmere Musk, Sandalwood and Ginger – three distinctive and affirming notes surpassed in depth only by Frankincense, Oudh and Black Pepper found at the base and heart of masculine editions of V, recommended for winter.

Day and night make their own demands. Bright and restorative flower extracts found in both editions of L and 1872, shower wearers in vitality. As the sun descends, musky, oriental hues found in both editions of No. 1 and C vie for attention, seductively clinging to the hair and skin.

‘Perfume is your invisible accessory – each drop holds a memory of a moment in your life...’
Victoria Christian