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A Unique Scent

[According to the 1000 Genomes Project] The receptors within our noses are coded by around 400 genes, with nearly one million variations of these controlling our sensors and thereby, how we experience fragrance, with a minimum of a 30% difference between every one of us. Essentially, much like the mesmerizing, unique beauty of a snowflake, no two people will experience one scent the same way.

When considering the elaborate art of perfumery combined with the intricacies behind how fragrances are received, truly when one discovers their perfect scent, it is somewhat of a modern love story. To fall so deeply for such an intensely sensorial creation of diligently and devotedly sourced elements from across the globe, which is then so uniquely and personally experienced, is precious. The most popular everyday scents paint a picture of familiarity, softness, and happiness. Freshly baked cakes, cut grass, and the salted air of British beaches harken back to childhood memories of birthdays and summer days, whilst chocolate and coffee reflect the small pleasures we covet in adulthood.

Clive Christian chooses to dismiss the everyday, instead igniting a sensory spark with a perfectly crafted balance between the extraordinary and the luxury. Each fragrance collection emits something special: history, nobility, love, life, pleasure and exclusivity.

Within these collections are characterful, natural notes that tell their own stories, flawlessly intertwined within a family of exquisite elements to bring life to a complete fragrance. The romantic, aphrodisiacal influences of rose, jasmine and patchouli add beauty and passion, bursts of sharp, sweet citrus and bergamot add an exotic, luxurious intrigue, whilst sandalwood and amber exude a peaceful, soothing calm.

Just as each ingredient possesses its own history tale, and symbolism woven into art, literature and sense, our own experiences with perfumes form stories too. Explore Clive Christian’s collections to start your story today.

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