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The Private Collection

I Amber Oriental £275

  • Oriental

Musk and amber diffuse into the heart of vibrant spices, warm divan and rich dried fruits.The base of this perfume comprises aromatic fir balsam, mosses and atlas cedar. This perfume is based on more masculines notes with oakwood and a whiskey facet combined with apple and juniper. I Amber Oriental is designed in a pair to be worn with the more feminine I Woody Floral


Luxury Interiors

The jars creak of an opening door and the earthy hum of exotic woods, the perfume conjures all the intoxicating scents of a master workshop, and beyond it. Atlas cedar and fir balsam form the start of a sensory journey from the carving of the intricate wood panelling, smelling the rose-like aroma of scented woods to caressing the textured leather trims. This perfume imbues style, warmth and a depth of character

I Amber Oriental

Uncover the scent

Over time the fragrance evolves to reveal a trilogy of complementary notes

Top Note


Oakwood is the perfect partner for a whiskey facet combined with juniper and apple. Ancient civilisations believed juniper had the power to chase evil spirits from houses and protect newly married couples

Heart Note


Considered secred to many thanks to its strong roots in Indian traditions, Davana is unique for smelling very differently on different skins, making it a truly individual perfume experience

Base Note

Fir Balsam

Various fir tree oils are used in perfume, all derived from the fir tree, renowned for its elegant aroma. It provides a lush, woody, balsamic quality to I Amber Oriental

A life's work written in perfume

The Private Collection is a striking suite of perfumes that celebrate the extraordinary moments of a life's work

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