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The Private Collection

C Green Floral - £275

  • Floral

A fruity green top note of apple, pear and aromatic chamomile is given a fresh twist with crushed green grass and touches of fresh dew. The heart is a bouquet of roses, with luxurious orris and fresh violet. C Green Floral is based on more feminine notes and has been designed as a pair to be worn with the more masculine C Woody Leather.


The Scottish Landscape

Evoking the invigorating beauty of the Scottish landscape, from it's coastal edges to rugged mountain peaks, the perfume explores the fragrant facets of Clive Christian's place of birth, a terrain so majestic and mysterious in its vastness, yet so familiar. Encompassing the green tang of moss-covered rocks, sweetness of wild flowers and woodiness of heather, the perfume captures a moment of bold freshness that summons the deeply elemental and awe-inspiring allure of the vista.

C Green Floral

Uncover the scent

Over time the fragrance evolves to reveal a trilogy of complementary notes

Top Note


Chamomile is well known for it's soothing properties and is said to attract good fortune. The scent is sweet and has a calming effect mixed with the damask rose and oakmoss

Heart Note

Damask Rose

First cultivated by the Middle East, and brought to Europe by the crusaders. These sweet-smelling, tender pink flowers bloom from late May to June, just once a year

Base Note


Wild-harvested from frostiest in Macedonia, the procurement of Oakmoss relies on pickers climbing trees and picking it by hand.

A life's work written in perfume

The Private Collection is a striking suite of perfumes that celebrate the extraordinary moments of a life's work

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