Private Collection

Feminine Edition

  • White Floral

From Clive Christian’s personal collection, majestic florals are arranged on a base of soft leather.


Signature Touch

C lays bare the creative vision of its maker. Launched in 2010, Clive Christian sought to showcase his favourite ingredients in one fragrance, from wild Narcissus to sumptuous leather and Tuberose.


Uncover the scent

Over time the fragrance evolves to reveal a trilogy of complementary notes.

Top note


Light florals mingle with Mandarin and Bergamot in a refreshing blend redolent of summer showers. Heady Tuberose – a staple of wedding ceremonies known colloquially as The Scent of the Night - immediately arouses the senses.

Heart note


Pastel hues of Rose and Jasmine are infused with the rich intensity of Violet drops, giving a floral swell to the heart of this fragrance. While strands of wild Narcissus are woven through the scent like delicate silk.

Base note


Osmanthus adds a complex floral hue that combines notes of Apricot and Leather. Underneath, Sandalwood's long lasting and powerful aroma combines with Vetiver.

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