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100% Pure Perfume Oil. This perfume is an intensely intoxicating distillation of Jasmine, which forms the heart note of the original scent that inspired it. With the addition of the rare and exotic Jasmine Sambac, it is steeped in a new layer of honeyed richness, a twist of Cinnamon, and a long, lingering warmth. It is an ode to the flower whose powerful, rich and heady scent requires the most delicate of all extraction techniques.

A True Celebration of Craftsmanship

Absolute Jasmine inspired by X

The Absolute Collection from Clive Christian is 100% pure perfume oil and is a true celebration of craftsmanship. Every perfume created in the Absolutes collection, is the most concentrated form of fragrance and therefore has incomparable body, depth and longevity. The application of Absolutes is a beautiful ritual, and requires delicate care - both of the perfume and of the bottle itself. A hand-signed certification attesting to the provenance and authenticity of the perfume accompanies every bottle, which in turn is presented in a walnut burr box, hand-made over four weeks by a team of craftsmen in north of England.


The most concentrated form of fragrance.

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