Revive & Refresh

Immerse in the bright and restorative scents of the energising 1872 editions.

With 2018 well underway, the time for change is ever present. Why not start your new year with a perfume wardrobe refresh and use January to reinvent yourself? Explore your new signature scent with energising and invigorating extracts to instil confidence and positivity. To complement your personal scent, make the most of the last winter months and bring the new scent of a British take on Hygge into your home with a fragrant cosy ambience to help you relax and recharge.

The 1872 perfume editions make for the perfect reviving pair within the Original Collection. Inspired by the Crown Perfumery each retain a distinctly modern edge despite their historic roots. With natural flower and botanical extracts blended from the furthest corners of the globe, these perfumes are perfect for when you want an energising burst of fragrance to refresh your body and mind.

1872 Feminine Edition

Rich bouquets of Rose de Mai, jasmine and orchid combine with fresh citrus notes of bergamot for a deeply balancing and uplifting emotive experience. Symbolising grace and joy, rose de mai provides the perfume with a prettiness and sweetness that is unrivalled. The top note of sparkling bergamot is similar in scent to sweet orange peel which injects energy and vivacity to this reviving fragrance.


1872 Fraction Candle

Bring a distinctly fresh and invigorating scent into your home with our new 1872 fraction candle set. A fusion of citrus, herbaceous notes and bright woods from the 1872 perfumes come to life as an emotive and graceful scented candle trio. The amber woody 1872 Base Note Candle fuses notes of sandalwood and cedar wood, elevated by patchouli and oakmoss. The Heart Candle is a sweet floral with notes of sage, neroli and rose de mai. Green citrus with rich floral bouquets of lavender, bergamot and tangerine combine to make the 1872 Top Note Candle. Together they make for a marriage of rare and precious ingredients to delicate scent your home.


Rose Absolute

Indulge in the Rose Absolute inspired by the heart note of 1872 Feminine. Every drop of this perfume requires hundreds of selected flower heads to create this luxurious 100% perfume oil. It is the most concentrated form of fragrance and exhibits incomparable body, depth and longevity. The bewitching rose notes in this perfume are made even more seductive by the inclusion of precious extracts of rose de mai at its heart. Bergamot provides sparkle, whilst a drop of geranium gently warms the rose. Just a pitch of piquant saffron brings a beautiful, satisfying depth. Elegantly presented with a crystal stopper, use as a luxurious treat by dabbing your pulse points with the pure perfume.