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Clive Christian creates the world’s finest perfumes – timeless classics, made without compromise.

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The Absolutes Collection

The Absolutes by Clive Christian are the pinnacle of luxury perfume. The very finest creations known to the world of perfumery – extraordinary, complex formulations of 100% pure perfume concentration – the ultimate offer for the perfume connoisseur.

Pure perfume concentration


In 2021, Clive Christian introduces the new Absolutes collection, consisting of made to order products with the highest level of personalisation available in the Clive Christian portfolio. A unique offer for the luxury perfume afficionado.


The Absolutes are 100% pure perfume oil, the most concentrated and luxurious offer within the world of Clive Christian perfumes.


Each Absolute perfume is created around a key focus ingredient, celebrating the provenance of perfume making by using the finest ingredients to craft a Clive Christian perfume. An Absolute has over 200 ingredients, and the pure oil formula allows for a stronger and more immersive scent experience, with each perfume oil staying on the skin for up to and over 12 hours.


Perfume excellence at its finest


The Absolutes are available in 5 different scents, all drawing inspiration from our most iconic perfumes, including the Original Collection pairs.


Undoubtedly the most rare and astonishing perfume products you can find; the Absolutes Collection from Clive Christian is a celebration of the brand’s unique tradition of making the world’s finest perfume creations. These perfumes are absolute must haves for the ultimate connoisseur seeking the very best of haute perfumery and extravagance with this invaluable perfume offering. Precious, indulgent, and outstandingly impressive, this collection is  absolutely extraordinary.

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A presentation like no other


An absolutely extraordinary perfume deserves an absolutely extraordinary presentation. That is why, these precious perfume jewels are presented in bespoke bottles designed with the utmost luxurious experience in mind. Each perfume is housed in a crystal flacon with a crown stopper inspired by the British monarch’s state imperial crown, which holds 30ml of precious hand poured oil. The delicate flacon is available with 2 precious jewel size finishes, and the choice of stone can be made by the customer’s request and market availability.


The exquisite flacon is presented in a handcrafted wooden case, making the overall presentation of these perfumes the ultimate in craftsmanship with meticulous details and personal touches. The client will be able to select between 2 wooden finishes and 8 different interior finishes to design the case based on their own preferences, and for that finishing personal and bespoke touch – names or initials may be engraved on a placard within the box.

The Absolute Perfume Collection