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Crafted with Love

Clive Christian believes that every gift should have a meaning and be a form of expression, and our luxury perfumes make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special one. Discover our selection of perfume gifts and perfume gift sets and get carried away writing your own perfumed love story with our exquisite blends, crafted with love.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift, Say The Words With Perfume


The 14th of February is a day dedicated to a celebration of romance all around the world. In the Victorian era, flowers were used to convey secretive messages, known as the language of flowers or “Floriography”, where each flower had it’s own meaning, from expressing gratitude to the admission of love.


In 2022, flowers are still seen as a true delight to surprise someone dear to you, but if you are looking for something to elevate your Valentine’s Day gift, a luxurious perfume with more than a hundred of unique notes from florals to spices, to woods to citruses, bottled in an exquisite flacon is sure to impress and make this day memorable.

Clive Christian’s perfumes are timeless classics, made to last, with scents that will linger on your loved one’s skin throughout the day making sure they weave a perfect perfumed tale of your own love story.

Clive Christian Perfumes For Valentine’s Day


Clive Christian is committed to crafting the world’s finest perfumes and we believe that our perfumed treasures make the most unique Valentine’s Day gift for the one you love. To celebrate and gift with love has always been written in our history, from the Victorian era when Queen Victoria and Albert had perfumes created as gifts for one another as a symbol of their mutual adoration.


A selection of Clive Christian perfumes are also developed in matching pairs, one masculine oriented and one feminine oriented, carefully crafted with shared ingredients to perfectly complement each other. Moreover, all Clive Christian perfumes are unisex, and the scented orientation is up to the wearer to define.


For the discerning man our charismatic and creatively crafted C Woody Leather is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. As warm as an embrace from your loved one with a characterful complexity from notes of saffron, tobacco, uplifting mandarin and hint of mysterious oud. A classic perfume from the Clive Christian portfolio celebrating the art of creativity in a deeply personal style.


The perfect companion to C Woody Leather can be found within the Private Collection. A joyful and playful scent to add light to your Valentine’s comes in the form of the perfectly poised I Woody Floral. An original perfume style fusing sweet citrus notes with the nodding heads of jasmine flowers and warm patchouli in the base, with just a hint of oud for depth.


If you want to surpise with something remiscient of a walk in the park during the most beautiful day of spring, new Crab Apple Blossom is the perfume for you. Dazzling top notes of Apple Blossom and Marine Bergamot fuse soflty with a heart of Green Rhubarb and sugary Mojitofuson, whilst a creamy and sophisticated base of Sandalwood, Amber and Driftwood complements the perfume with a modern yet sensual feel.