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Why a Perfume is the Perfect Christmas Gift

Finding the perfect Christmas present for your loved ones isn’t always a straightforward task and can be a lengthy process when choosing between the usual gifting options of cashmere socks and knitted scarves that inevitably get stuffed to the back of the cupboard once unwrapped.


When it comes to finding something special to gift, perfume truly stands the test of time and will be sure to bring a little joy to your recipients every day. Clive Christian Perfume is the epitome of luxury perfumery and with aromas to suit everyone’s personal tastes you can be confident that you will be gifting a little piece of luxury this Christmas.

A personal touch


Choosing to gift someone a perfume is a personal act that takes time and thought to make sure the scent fits perfectly to your recipient’s personality and mood. Perfume sits closely to the skin and unravels slowly, note by note to become an invisible accessory that they can carry with them throughout their day as a reminder of your affection. Reserved for those closest to you, gifting perfume requires an understanding of what makes that person uniquely them, knowing their personality and hopes and dreams to ensure they receive a scent that fits seamlessly into their life whilst also adding a touch of luxury magic. As each one of us is unique, gifting perfume is a sign that you care as you consider what they might like – a sure way to transport them to another time or place through the power of scent.


To truly unlock the magic of perfumery and celebrate the individual, our Matsukita perfume is perfect for any man or woman in your life. Decadent and rich with the finest of ingredients this fragrance makes for a special gifting moment.



Leave a lasting impression


All too often Christmas gifts end up collecting dust and being made redundant after the festive season fizzles out. However, perfume truly stands the test of time and is a luxurious gift that can be used every day, and besides who can ever have too many perfumes to choose from? For most of us, perfume has become somewhat of a necessity that we reach for daily as part of our everyday routine. Gifting a perfume will ensure your recipient will be encapsulated in an aroma that subtly reminds them of you and your love for them.


If you are looking for a perfume that truly stands out, Clive Christians Addictive Arts collection is sure to impress. Crafted using innovative headspace technology and as two of our most complex perfumes, Jump Up and Kiss Me Ecstatic and Hedonistic have an intoxicating aroma of mystery. The perfect Christmas gift to leave a lasting impression.



The epitome of luxury craftsmanship


At Clive Christian, perfumery is an art form that we take seriously to capture our heritage, creativity and exemplary craftsmanship. Originally established in 1872 as The Crown Perfumery Company in London, Clive Christian has since been brought into the 21st century with modern adaptations of classic perfume styles and celebrates the craftsmanship behind each bottle. Clive Christian only creates perfumes with a concentration between 20% and 100% with each perfume having over 150 ingredients – a complexity unique in the world of perfumery. The perfume oil itself is not the only piece of luxury as each aroma is captured in a decadent glass bottle, finished with our signature crown caps and presented in an opulent display case for the perfect unwrapping moment.


To mark our perfume prestige, gift your loved ones with our 1872 perfumes that come in both a masculine and feminine edition. Crafted using the finest ingredients in a classic cologne style modernised with invigorating notes, this pair of perfumes are fit for a king or queen, celebrating the year the Crown Perfumery Company was founded these perfumes show our commitment to craftsmanship in its finest form.



Gifting is about discovery


With a myriad of perfume families available to choose from, knowing which one to gift to your loved one can be somewhat of a challenging task. From fresh citruses, woody orientals and white florals there is a whole language behind perfumery to be discovered. Clive Christian’s Around the World Discovery set allows you to give the gift of choice this festive season with three 10ml signature perfumes from our collection. Each luxury perfume holds a magical secret within its layers due to its complexity and allows you to discover a new world with every spritz of your new scent. Beautifully packaged in an elegant bottle, these perfumes will let your other half or loved ones know they hold a special place in your heart.