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Pure Perfume Oils: The 4'Cs of Absolute Oils

Clive Christian Absolute Oils are the epitome of what it is to be absolutely extraordinary, they are 100% pure perfume oil and are unrivalled in Complexity, Creativity, Concentration and the highest possible Craftsmanship known to the world of perfumery.




From the pencil strokes of the very first sketch, to sourcing of the finest ingredients and materials for our pure perfume oils, Clive Christian is a brand with creativity at its heart. Challenging the ordinary and transforming the expected into the extraordinary. When Clive Christian bought the Crown Perfumery in 1999, he redefined the perfume experience. His very first sketch of a perfume bottle has been used as inspiration for the crystal flacons of the Absolute Oil collection.




An Absolute has over 200 ingredients, and the pure oil formula allows for a stronger and more immersive scent experience, with each perfume oil staying on the skin for up to and over 12 hours. Each Absolute perfume is created around a key focus ingredient, celebrating the provenance of perfume making by using the finest ingredients to craft a Clive Christian perfume.





The Absolute Collection from Clive Christian is 100% pure perfume oil and is a true celebration of craftsmanship. Every perfume created in the Absolutes collection, is the most concentrated and pure form of fragrance and therefore has incomparable body, depth and longevity. Each Absolute perfume takes the key focus notes from both pairs of the Original Collection to create one beautiful perfume.




These precious perfume jewels are presented in bespoke bottles designed with the utmost luxurious experience in mind. Each perfume is housed in a crystal flacon with a crown stopper inspired by the British monarch’s state imperial crown, which holds 30ml of precious hand poured oil. The delicate flacon is available with 2 precious jewel size finishes, and the choice of stone can be made by the customer’s request and market availability. Presented in a handcrafted wooden case, making the overall presentation of these perfumes the ultimate in craftsmanship with meticulous details and personal touches.

The Ritual of Pure Perfume Application


The application of Absolute Oils is a beautiful ritual, and requires delicate care – both of the perfume and of the bottle itself. Use the crystal stopper to dab the pulse points with the perfume, before carefully cleaning the crystal stopper. This ensures that the condition of the remaining perfume inside the bottle is maintained.

Pure Perfume Oils from the Absolute Collection

Jasmine Absolute

Inspired by our exquisite X Pair, this perfume delight is a celebration of the king of flowers in all its blooming majesty.


Rose Absolute

With an abundance of rose de mai, this perfume oil is reminiscent of the vivacity of the 1872 fragrances. A bouquet of the most exquisite roses, the queen of the florals.


Osmanthus Absolute

Exotic, sweet and creamy; the precious flower of the orient Osmanthus is a highlight for a perfume truly deserving of its name – No1.


Sandalwood Absolute

The finest woods in perfumery, 50-year-old aged sandalwood sings from this precious oil, the leading feature of the No1 perfumes.


Baies Rose Absolute

Baies rose, or to some known as pink pepper, creates an almost tangible energy- taken from our limited edition yet iconic 20th Anniversary perfumes.


The Absolutes are fully customisable and presented to the highest standard with bespoke hand made presentation- as individual as the wearer of these precious scented elixirs. Contact to discover more today.