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Warmer days and rays of sunshine are slowly making their entrance from the dark winter cold. Clive Christian has a great selection of spring scents for any occasion, bringing you ideal perfumes for day and night, casual and elegant and for every season of the year, from Citrus Woody to Floral Chypre. In this article, we have gathered our top spring scents that perfectly transcend blossoming gardens with their bright, sparkling and citrus-heavy ingredients, making you feel lighter and fresher for warmer days.

Clive Christian’s Best Spring Scents



Welcome spring with something extraordinary and new. The recently launched Matsukita is the latest perfume to join the new Crown Collection and embraces exquisite notes that are sure to lift your spirits this spring.


Sparkling Bergamot meets fiery Pink Pepper for a refreshing top, whilst delicate notes of Jasmine and Mate tea form a smokey and floral heart. Whispering musks, amber and fir balsam settle into a woody and rich base. A composition of beautifully complimentary notes giving a scented burst of elegance and sensuality.


A definite must have for every perfume lover.

Crab Apple Blossom


If you’re looking for a scent reminiscent of a walk in the park during the most beautiful day of spring, new Crab Apple Blossom is the perfume for you.


Dazzling top notes of Apple Blossom and Marine Bergamot create a bright first impression, whilst a pop of Green Rhubarb in the heart transports you to a quintessential English garden. The sugary mintiness of Mojitofusion combined with delicate white florals in our Crab Apple Blossom is sure to transport you to brighter days.


A creamy and sophisticated base of Sandalwood, Amber and Driftwood complements the lighter top and heart of the perfume with a modern yet sensual feel, making this scent a magnificent choice for your new spring perfume.



A bright and refreshing citrus perfume never fails to impress when we transcend on to warmer days.

Our 1872 pair are two such spring scents, capturing the sparkling top notes of fresh citrus as the energy of springtime and lighter days in their own unique way.


The perfumes are reminiscent of fresh spring mornings and sun warmed days.


Top notes of Grapefruit, also known as sunshine in a bottle, are found in the top of 1872 Masculine perfume. These bright notes fuse softly with herbaceous notes of Clary Sage, Jasmine, Neroli and Musk to give vitality and strength.


The base of the Masculine orientation of this pair is captured by woody notes like Sandalwood and Cedar, enhanced by the intensely fresh Freesia flower, transporting the wearer to a sunshine filled day in an enchanting forest.


In the feminine version of the 1872 perfume we find iridescent top notes of Bergamot in the top of the perfume, a small citrus fruit from Italy. The heart of the scent is sculpted in Rose De Mai, a floral treasure that only blooms in the month of May.


It requires 170 rose heads to produce a single drop of pure oil. Lily of the Valley, Freesia, Jasmine and Orchid come together with the precious rose to create a floral explosion, making this perfume perfect to welcome spring.


Patchouli forms the base of this scent, providing warm and earthy notes. To ensure the best quality oil, Patchouli leaves are harvested before they turn brown and then heaped to ferment slightly, before extraction occurs.

Noble VII Rock Rose

The powerful Rock Rose in our Noble VII Queen Anne pair quickly became a global favourite after its launch in 2016, and the complex structure makes it an opulent option for the perfect spring fragrance. The perfume is reminiscent of a fresh garden at dawn with dew-soaked grass and slowly growing flowers.


Tarocco Orange – the top note of this perfume – is one of the world’s most popular oranges thanks to its intense sweetness. Featuring uplifting of Lavender, Rock Rose, Jasmine, Violet, Coriander and Clary Sage, this cooling fougere remind us that the cold is not all gone, but that the fresh mornings bring life to the outdoors.


In the base note we find the intensely golden Saffron, also known as “the King of Spices” which infuses the scent in every aspect, building up a warm and spicy facet, resulting in a fresh and versatile fragrance, loved by men and women all over the world.

Water Lily

Our Water Lily perfume is a delightful journey of fresh energy, evoking memories of a bright and fresh spring day.


Sparkling top notes of Aldehydes and green leaves gives an impression of that first deep breath walking outside on the first day of spring, reminding us of how long the cold winter has been.


The beautiful purple Iris flower forms the heart of this scent, enhancing a delicate smoothness and impression of fresh petals. The flower is among the rarest ingredients in the world of perfumery, creating a subtle powdery scent to the blend.


In the base of this exquisite perfume, the fluid journey delves into the mysterious depths of vetiver, earthy patchouli and a whisper of cashmere musk for a warm sensual finish.


An olfactory combination that is sure to be perfect on a sunshine filled day in spring.


Clive Christian’s alluring Magnolia perfume has naturistic notes forming a delicate bouquet of Cassis, Magnolia and Oakmoss.


Fresh and floral perfumes like this bring colour and warmth to still cold spring days, adding delicious energy and frivolity in an explosion on the palette after the dull months of grey skies.


A top note of fruity Cassis creates a tropical, fresh note when added in the olfactory blend. Cassis is also known as the blackcurrant buds, an adequately warming temperature allows them to properly develop, creating the perfect image for the first impression of this scent on the first days of spring.


The main ingredient in the heart note has given this perfume its name – Magnolia. A delicate flower, iconic to the spring season, and considered as an aphrodisiac in sacred rituals in India. This soft and pink flower adds a fresh a playful touch to the scent.


In the base notes we find the precious Oakmoss, an ingredient considered among perfumers’ most loved ingredients. A procurement process relying on pickers climbing in the trees, the woody notes in this scent perfectly balances this charming scent making it the perfect choice for your new spring perfume.


Discover your new, perfect Spring scent and invite the sun into your daily spritz of scented notes.

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