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The Scent of Lavender

Delicate, smooth and clean, lavender is an ingredient often found in the world of perfumery and has over the most recent years become very versatile in the palette of a master perfumer. With its multifaceted character, lavender either offers a clean green edge to an aromatic herbal heart or enhances warmer and spicy ingredients with a smooth sensuality when combined with other perfume notes.

Lavender has been part of our daily lives for centuries, widely used by ancient civilisations for both cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Ancient Egyptians used it to produce healing ointments, perfume and embalming, while the Romans used it to scent their baths. In fact, the name lavender comes from the Latin word “lavare” which means “to wash”.


In perfume history, lavender has for a long time been considered as a rather “masculine scent” due to the dawn of advertisement, which depicted it as a scent for men. In addition, lavender as a perfume ingredient has for years mainly lived inside the Fougere perfume family. However, what isn’t so commonly known is that this scent was in fact originally made for women, being one of the most popular notes to wear in 1882 and at this very time was worn solely by women.


Beautiful lavender is a flowering plant and part of the mint family. The fragrant lavender scent is contained in its oil, which is extracted by the steam distillation of the flowers. The quality of the oil can vary hugely based on factors such as the type of lavender, climate, soil and altitude – with only the finest harvests chosen for Clive Christian’s range.


Clive Christian uses British Lavender, which is among the utmost exquisite and exclusive lavender types in the world, and also among the types that are the most fragrant. Historically, lavender has been grown commercially in Britain for its precious perfumed oil for centuries and is renowned for its quality.


Today, lavender is fast becoming a true unisex ingredient in the world of perfumery. All Clive Christian perfumes are unisex; and this clean and delicate ingredient in particular has the power to give any scent a complex an exquisite trail, making a truly unique scent the wearer, whether male or female.

Today, lavender is fast becoming a true unisex ingredient in the world of perfumery