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The Best Winter Perfumes & Scents

A winter perfume is so much more than a holiday or party fragrance. The palette of perfumes opens up to welcome warm scents and striking notes that complement the season.

The best winter fragrances base notes include rich and resinous ambers, suede and leather accords, sweet spices, intoxicating vanilla and earthy moss and woods. All of these winter scents contain deeper ingredients that will last longer on your skin than the short winter daytime, comforting and cocooning you throughout the day. At this time of year, it is easier to wear a more decadent and heavy perfume, so reach for unique fragrances with a bold approach.

Types of Winter Perfumes


The best winter perfumes are made from complex concentrations of ingredients where there is harmony in a diverse palette to create different accords and notes. A complex perfume with more than 100 ingredients will give your scent more depth throughout a long winter day.


The natural fibres in cashmere, wool and warm winter clothing naturally holds scent for a longer time than our own skin, so be aware that anything you are wearing may soak up your new winter perfume. An excellent opportunity to allow yourself to completely immerse yourself in your perfume, especially if you opt for a high concentration of perfume such as those created by Clive Christian.


Amongst these warm scents and rich ingredients, we still have bright notes from bergamot and mandarin, fresh florals and energetic top notes to remind us that even winter has blue skies and sunny days. These lighter notes don’t need to be locked up until spring and instead they can complement the crisp clearness of winter sun; especially when used in more complex perfume concoctions where the warmer winter perfume notes and longer lasting base ingredients emerge and develop on the skin to anchor the scent.

All of these deeper long-lasting ingredients will last longer on your skin.

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