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Under the influence

Introducing a world first in pioneering perfume technology: Addictive Arts – an extraordinary perfume experience like no other. A suite of four forbidden perfume pairs, Clive Christian’s Addictive Arts collection takes its lead from the most inspired moments, of dark, degenerate, unspoken need. This collection of perfumes take their name from phrases found in popular culture and written by the world's literary greats. Each scent captures a different mood, taking you on an intoxicating perfume journey through time and space.

An intoxicating fusion of expertly extracted and uniquely distilled ingredients unassumingly known as AddictiveFusion™ – this unique form of fine perfumery combines headspace technology, capturing the elusive scents of mood and mind enhancing narcotics, including wormwood more commonly known for its use in Absinth; Coca leaf (cocaine) and Opium Poppy with a molecular blend of bespoke natural ingredients, honed to perfection, untraceable under analysis and impossible to imitate – each perfume’s heart is flagrantly dark and exotic and their profile enigmatic and unforgettable.

Capturing the craven rush and brazen thrill of twisted hedonism, each Addictive Arts perfume promises to take perfume lovers on a unique trip to scent pharmacology, transcending all normality with a new fragrance genus, exclusive to Clive Christian Perfume.

Intoxicating Experience

Dive into the Addictive Arts collection. If you are ready for an intoxicating experience then put on your headphones, start the video below and close your eyes.

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